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Why Replace if You Can Fix Your Hard Drive?

Before you replace, you should always try for a professional hard drive repair. The majority of hard disks actually have some extra sectors they keep back for exactly this purpose. It’s not hard to repair and fix hard drive from within your windows personal computer. You should find out if there is a problem with the hard disk in the form of bad sectors (disk errors) or file system corruption. Examine or export this data to make an evaluation about the state of your hard drive. You can try the chkdsk utility and the Computer Management MMC console to examine it for you. On Windows XP, you should start with a “chkdsk/R”. (/R: “. It can help you locate bad sectors and recuperate readable information””). Incite a Command Prompt to run that control. By going to Start, Programs, Accessories, and then clicking on Command Prompt, You can have access to Command Prompt. There are some whom can scan disk has an option to do a plan scan …

Cooking With Grains

Culinary grains commonly undergo some degree o processing milling) before they reach the kitchen. The milling process either strips away or scores the bran and may also remove the kernel’s germ. In addition to refining, milling may also break the grain into small pieces or grind it into a meal.

There are various levels of preliminary processing. For example, brown rice that reaches the kitchen has undergone little refining; white rice, on the other hand, has been stripped of its bran and may be polished or converted as well. . . .

The grain’s most nutrientrich part is the endosperm, which serves as a storage facility for the carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, and for some of the proteins and oils. Humans rely on the endosperm’s nutrients; even if the germ and the bran are removed, the endosperm itself is still a potent energy source.

The techniques covered here are for cooking the major culinary grains-rice, barley, bulgur wheat, couscous, cornmeal, and certain grains used as side dishes.

Damaged Hard Drive Recovery Procedures

Imagine a scenario where you have been working on a given assignment for a hard week and towards the final touches, you boot your computer only to see a black screen. Once you get a taste of this kind of hard drive crash action, panic arrives, soon leading to disillusionment. Before embarking on any hard drive repair operation, a user is advised to make clear definition of the root problem. A black screen during booting can be as a result of hard drive failure or crash and critical data might be lost in the process. Damaged hard drive recovery is a recommended operation any time a hard drive crashes and should be conducted by professionals.

A file recovery program is an easy utility to use when performing a damaged hard drive recovery any time a disaster, like hard drive crashes, strikes. The utility is absolutely free and works conveniently. In the event of a hard drive that is broken into pieces, data recovery might be impossible but still experts might demand several dollars from a user for recovering such a hard drive. Damaged hard drive recovery using any form of utility commences with installing the hard drive, as a secondary device this time and then boot your computer. You must ensure that the drive is recognized during the boot process, failure to which means the recovery process will fail.

Basic Steps to Follow In Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

It is a tough and stressful situation to face the problem of losing files on a clicking hard drive, as you can find explained here. When you feel that your hard drive is damaged, the first step you should take is to unplug the computer. Then carefully remove the hard drive from the computer and examine it physically. You may examine whether there are hot spots or any other physical damages with the external controller board. Check whether there are any parts broken or burnt.

Without knowing exactly that

Bonne Femme Rocks!

I’ve had The Bonne Femme Cookbook checked out from the library for a few weeks, and my own copy arrived from the bookstore just this morning 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s a lovely book, and I anticipate using it a lot. I’ve already tried out her Silky and Light Potato Soup recipe, and although I’ve made many similar recipes over the years, I think that her version is one of the very best. And now that I’m not worried about getting a bit of “cooking wear” on the book, I’ll be trying out many more. Not that there’s a dearth of French cookbooks in this house LOL – but her recipes look to be well written and clearly defined.

And yes, I share your reluctance to take the word of anyone who hasn’t actually used a cookbook that they’re recommending, although I do welcome comments about the lay-out and the types of topics covered in the book, of course. And there’s always the proviso that while I have …

Chinese Study Shows Lower Rates Of Cancer

In 1983, the study designed by Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Chen used the cancer information from the earlier survey, and the types of cancer deaths reported earlier were verified in commune and county hospital records. A trained pool of workers was able to test 13,000 subjects in 65 random counties in rural areas of the country. Because the people ate food grown in their immediate area and weren’t mobile, scientists could analyze what they ate. The scientists could then compare diet with cancer mortality.

What the scientists discovered was dramatic, statistically significant data. For example, the commune with the highest serum cholesterol levels had 473 times as many women dying from esophageal cancer as had the communes with the lowest serum cholesterol levels. There were equally wide ranges among males studied.

Chinese who consumed more protein had a higher mortality from cancer of the stomach and esophagus. They also had greater incidences of cancer of the lung, the colon, and the rectum, and moe leukemia than those

Prepping Your Business For Disaster

pybfdCatastrophe is lurking around the corner. If you haven’t prepared a plan to deal with life’s mishaps, you’re doing more than just flirting with disaster–you’re looking to build a lasting relationship. In the past few years the United States has suffered an incredible string of misfortunes. Hurricanes Fran, Andrew, Hugo, Bertha, Iniki, and Opal. The Northridge and Loma Prieta earthquakes. Flooding in the Midwest in 1993 and this past winter in the Pacific Northwest. Riots in Los Angeles. Paralyzing blizzards in the Northeast. This has made national data recovery services very critical. It’s made the SBA even MORE critical.

“We’ve had our hands full,” says Bernard Kulik, associate administrator for disaster assistance with the SBA, which handles disaster-relief loans and other aid after a tragedy occurs. “The past five years have been without precedent.”

Home-based and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to disaster, whether it’s a building fire or a region-wide catastrophe. Although a large corporation may have trained teams that are prepared to get the company …

RAID 5 Recovery: Acts of God

raid5reYou know those so-called supernatural events called “Acts of God?” The ones your insurance policy has no idea how to cover, let alone explain. One day you wake up, you realize that 2 of your disks suddenly quit your RAID array, making it utterly useless. Yep, that would be considered an “act of God” if you believe in that sort of thing. You freak out, you freeze up, and your face turns to ash as you realize you have not backed up your data for some time. When was the last time? You aren’t even sure. What do you do?

The very first thing you should do is TURN IT OFF. Why? Because running it can cause further damage. I know it is a complete temptation to try and fix it yourself, let alone try to figure out what went wrong. Leave that to a qualified professional.

Let’s talk about the things that could have gone wrong. The number one reason that RAID arrays fail is due to human error. Can you believe that? No matter how impressive and well designed the system is. Mistakes are easy to make, the more complicated your system is, the more room there is to make a mistake.

Now, what is a RAID Level 5?

It is a Block Interleaved Distributed Parity: Provides data striping at the byte level and also stripe error correction information. This results in excellent performance and good fault tolerance. Level 5 is one of the most popular implementations of RAID. What does this mean? RAID 5 stripes both data are parity data and information across 3 or more drives. Does this mean you cannot encounter a problem? No, it doesn’t happen often. BUT IT CAN HAPPEN.

So what now? Unless you are a very qualified and trained professional with service level standards of clean rooms, it’s probably a good idea to call someone who meets that criteria.

One of those companies is RAID Recovery Services. Their storage engineers have extensive experience with RAID 5 data recovery. They have developed some of the cutting age custom tools and techniques to successfully recover a RAID 5 array. I love that they

Make That Holiday Party The Best!!

mthpIT’S THE HOLIDAYS, AND I WANT TO EXTEND A LITTLE largesse toward my clients and friends. What could be better than inviting them to a party? Unfortunately, writing for Martha Stewart Living doesn’t leave me much time for creating my own stress-free gala. How was I going to find the time to organize and cook for a holiday party?

Since I’m computer-savvy, I decided to see if I could order party food online. I wanted to host a two-hour affair and serve light hors d’oeuvres and wine. I set a budget of about $20 per head and figured I’d invite about 30 guests. That gave me a total of $600 to spend. So I fired up my modem instead of my oven. Now, I don’t claim to have plumbed the depths of the Internet–I’ve merely trawled the waters. But since I’ve done much of the legwork, your holiday planning time should be cut down to almost nothing–unless you’re like me and just get lost reading about all …

Mechanical Mac Hard Drive Recovery

The fast paced technological world we live in has made Mac and Macbook computers a major part of our lives. In almost every area of people’s lives, there is an influence of Apple technology. People all across the world now have access to the Iphone and IPads that they use for various functions. However, there are some times when these superior modern computer devices we use fail to be efficient. In addition, one of the most common of these inefficiencies is a damaged hard drive, which can require Mac hard drive recovery. A damaged hard drive arises either as a result of mechanical or logical breakdown. When this happens, there is a need for Mac data recovery from only the best.

A mechanical failure occurs when a hard drive has busted parts, even when one is talking about an Apple computer. This results in the malfunctioning of the hard drive. In this scenario, there are two ways to recover your failing Mac disk. One of the …

Cooking With Tasty Sauces

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef at Restaurant Lafayette in New York, offers a menu with a special section devoted to dishes intensified with these flavorful oils and perfumed broths. His new book, Simple Cuisine (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1990), details these techniques. “All of the recipes can be completed in half an hour,” says Vongerichten. “They don’t require that you spend 20 hours making a veal stock.”

Still, many contemporary chefs take a hard line on stocks. “There are some things you can’t take shortcuts on,” says Emeril Lagasse of Emeril’s in New Orleans. “We respect the stockpot. Good stocks are the basis for good sauce..”

Lagasse’s new restaurant uses 50-60 gallons of stock a day. Chicken, fish, wild mushroom and asparagus are among the varieties. His stocks find their way into vinaigrettes and are blended into roasted-vegetable sauces.

Another cooked chunky sauce, chutney, is a favorite with Lagasse. “Chutneys have a very Southern feel to them – very powerful in flavor. I like to pair chutneys with

Some Cool Cheese Oriented Recipes

Michael Romano, chef at Union Square Cafe in New York, makes a popular dish that is ordered as an appetizer or side dish. Romano’s dish, Creamy Polenta with Mascarpone, stars the traditional Italian cornmeal pudding with mascarpone cheese, embellished with toasted walnuts and Gorgonzola. Featured at both lunch and dinner, it sells for $4.50.

Mascarpone could be called the new-wave cheese of the 90s. It’s fantastic stuff, and really tastes great. Italian in origin, the fresh, buttery-rich unripened cheese with a texture of thickened cream was once available only as an imported item. Now it can be obtained from U.S. cheese makers. Mascarpone provides an excellent, simple accompaniment to fresh berries. The classic dessert Strawberries Romanoff Mascarpone, which dates to the 16th century, couples the cheese with strawberries, orange-flavored liqueur, sugar and kummel liqueur.

Finally, cheese paired with nuts and wine or liqueur serves as an after-dinner tidbit. For example, Smoky Jewels figs, dates or apricots stuffed with smoked Edam, Swiss, Cheddar or blue cheese and broiled)

When It Rains

It’s always funny when you think about rain. I know that there are a lot of different opinions about rain, but if you’re somebody from Southern California, you probably like rain. This is because there is not a lot of rain there and of course you always want what you don’t have. I know a lot of women who feel that way, and I know that I do as well.

I can say that it has been a long time since I have listened to a lot of songs that have to do with rain, but I think you would be surprised by some of them. This one is probably my favorite of all time.

But then, there will always be those bands that really touch you for the rest of your life, and those bands that are only good for about a year. Those bands tend to make up most of music in general, because people are so average by nature. Bands are very average by …

Chocolate And PB Squares No Bake

I have always loved baking. I’m not saying that I’m going to subscribe to any baking magazines anytime soon, ( apparently  those  still exist) but I always appreciate it as a  true art form that not a lot of women really understand anymore. Of course, I love fashion, and I love 50s fashion, and baking was huge in the 1950s. Which of course brings me to Mad Men, which I am loving lately.

I will say that one of my least favorite things about the show have to be that those times were simply awful for women. There was really nothing that a woman could do to advance herself and it was difficult for anyone to get ahead if they didn’t have a penis. I have to give respect to women who operated throughout the 20th century because they really created a change that make us so free today is women. I will agree that there are still a lot of problems in Arab countries, …

How Reliable Are Stop Snoring Pillows?

snpOnly a person who has been forced to use the stop snoring pillows can answer the question as to its reliability. The only reason a person will be forced to use such pillows is because of how badly the snoring is affecting not only the individual but also the spouse. Unfortunately, people can go through their entire lives suffering with a disturbed sleep. They can also go through their entire lives startled awake each time the snoring gets just a little louder; thereby, never managing a full night’s sound sleep.

Over the last few years, it has been proven that stop snoring pillows have made a tremendous impact on the poor individuals who suffered silently. Now that they have found this kind of help, these are the same individuals who have become the most ardent of spokespersons for the pillows that can help them achieve a perfect sleep pattern. Who else can promote this solution other than people who have found them reliable?  In fact, you will find that the companies that manufacture the stop snoring pillows are constantly hiring the actual users to be their brand ambassadors. This is what makes the advertising campaigns more realistic. It reinforces the reliability of such pillows in the consumers’ minds.

The Reasons Why Stop Snoring Pillows Are Popular

There are numerous reasons as to why stop snoring pillows have become so popular. One of the most important reasons is that people have become aware of the need for sound sleep. Of late, more and more people are actually recognizing that snoring is cause for major concern and are looking to snoring remedy websites to find devices and solutions.

This is a new trend. In earlier times, I believe that people did not have sleeping problems. In general, people worked as hard as ever; but they extended more physical energy

Two Underrated (and often undercooked) Veggies

There are always two serious vegetables as the worst undercooked in the belief that color and texture are paramount: string beans and broccoli. String beans, which are more logically called green beans, since so few need stringing anymore, don’t have much taste when they’re boiled for a few minutes and drained just after they turn a bright grass green. This is the way I have always cooked them, thinking that when their color is at its most intense their flavor must be too. I’ve had to season them heavily with salt and pepper, and to add lemon juice and oil too. And it has been work to eat them.

I was recently given pause when a friend from North Carolina, enlightened in culinary matters, became dreamy while recounting the pressure-cooked green beans of her youth. I felt queasy as she enthused over their flavor and the ease of cutting through them with a fork, thinking instead how brown and musty they surely tasted. A lot of fatback

Disco Nails

I totally see what nails are so popular because they are so beautiful. There is so much color coming from the things that it is so amazing. The other night I was sitting around at my local nail salon and I realized that it would be an awesome thing for me to have amazing deals like I have been seeing a lot in Japanese fashion magazines lately. Funny thing about the Japanese, is that they seem to always be ahead of the game as opposed to Europeans and Americans, who always are very conservative when it comes to things like nails.

But Disco Nails Are Hott!

It doesn’t really take a genius to realize just how critical disco nails are to this year’s fashion season. I am talking about things like bright colors contrasted with exciting new looks. I think what is so amazing about the e-mail as well is that they are easy to do at home. All you really need is a good manicure kit …

No One Wants High-Cost-metics Nowadays

Generating store traffic will be a touchstone of survival for the cosmetics industry in 2012, as executives grapple with a bearish business that has been made even tougher by a deepening, unpredictable recession.

Most cosmetics executives expect the industry to struggle next year with volume figures that are flat to 5 percent ahead.

“You can’t rely on the store traffic anymore because it isn’t there,” said Byron Donics, president of Aramis, Inc. “We want to make the doors we’re in now more productive,” Donics said, adding, “What it will take is a strategy of driving people into the stores.”

“Two years ago, there were no worries about store traffic,” said Leonard Lauder, president and chief executive officer, Estee Lauder Cos. “People worried about which stores were going to be in business. Now it’s just the reverse.”

The falloff in traffic concerns Lauder, as does the Persian Gulf crisis and the effect of a patchwork recession that has depressed some parts of the country while leaving others

Don’t Be Careless With Your Email

dbcwyeWE’VE BECOME USED TO SENDING E-MAIL MESSAGES, connecting to the Internet, and logging on to our office computers from the road. It’s such a regular part of our day that we don’t worry about whether we’re vulnerable to the same cyberpunks who hack into corporate computers or steal credit card information. Could it happen to you? Perhaps.

It turns out that just about everyone who exchanges files faces a growing security problem, especially if you answer yes to any of the following statements.

* You handle sensitive client data on your PC.

* Your business maintains data on a PC that competitors would like to know about.

* You offer clients or coworkers remote access to your home system.

* You send a credit card number over e-mail to make a purchase.

* You access the Internet or a client’s intranet.

* You regularly use e-mail.

Don’t be too alarmed by the last two items. The kind of Internet connectivity you make and the material contained in …

Anonymity: The Web’s Double Edged Sword

atwdA COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO, 500 PEOPLE ON AN INTERNET mailing list received the digital equivalent of an obscene phone call. They opened their e-mail and out popped a series of digitized photographs of a woman having sex with a bull. Some of the recipients of these obscene images were children and teenagers. A brief note accompanying the images said, in effect, “Ha ha, you can’t catch me. I’m using an anonymous remailer.” But as a result of either the sender’s incompetence or a technical glitch, the note was accompanied by the sender’s e-mail address. It did not take long for the mailing list administrator to trace the address to a computer user near Oklahoma City. The young man is in big trouble and deserves every bit of it.

History does not recall the date of the first obscene phone call, but one can speculate that it occurred shortly after the automated switchboard replaced the local operator who knew the voice of everyone in town.

One can …

Sugar Parade

I honestly expect that my love for sugar will never die. I was always a bit of a candy freak and growing up my favorite bar had to be the Crunchie bar. This was by no means an easy bar to get a hold of because it was British, and as a result there was not a lot of places that would have. But when you grow up in New York City the fact is that you can almost get anything whenever you want. Except laid, perhaps. But then again, if you’re a woman you can go to whatever depth you need to and you probably don’t have to go too deep.

Yes, I’m editorializing. Anyway, here is exactly what the packaging looks like on a crunchie bar now.

I think what is really funny about this is that when I was just looking for the package for this particular car so I could put it on my blog, I found a shop that was selling the …

Rose And Ginger

Not a lot of people really talk about what their favorite spices are. I have to say that probably ginger is my favorite in general. It is one of those spices that I feel like you can always rely on and as long as you don’t go too crazy with it, you can really make some fantastic food. Not only is it good with baking, is good with regular cooking which of course is where I’m at.

One other things that is so weird about Ginger is that it looks very strange. Just take a look at this picture and tell me that if you saw one of these coming at you in an alley, you would probably run really fast. I know that I would, and I’m not even really a very spicy phobic person.











Anyway I absolutely love that taken almost everything that I need. I am not even the kind of person that would …

Food Fantasia

There are always going to be fantasy that we all have that none of us really want to give up on. One of them for me has to be one of those freaky ones where there is food all around me in a kind of cornucopia scenario. I like the idea of never being hungry, and definitely living in North America makes that not only a huge possibility, but a promise. Anyway, the weighted fantasy works is that I am completely surrounded by all kinds of food: shrimp, strawberries, chocolate, turkeys – and from there all of the people at this banquet begin to shower me with more food to the point that I am covered in it. This is not a messy dream, however, in a sense that everything is absolutely intact and it just comes together as a gigantic potpourri of beautiful food.

I know that this kind of fantasy is something that would have people questioning if I am sane or if I am …

Get Your Phones Right!

gypDo YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MIX OF TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT and services to meet your customers’ needs? You’ll travel a complex maze sorting through how many telephone lines you’ll need, what special local phone company features you should order, and what equipment you need to buy immediately and what you should purchase later. Answers to a few simple questions will help you make short-term decisions to keep your business poised for future growth.

How many phone lines should I install? The number and type of telephone lines you order depend greatly on the kind of products or services you’re planning to offer. The ideal business setup includes at least two phone lines. (If you work out of your home, that’s two lines in addition to your existing lines for personal calls.) One line handles all your voice calls; the other handles faxes and online access. With a two-line telephone such as Lucent Technologies’s $203.99 model 882 Personal Information Center, you can also use the second line for conference …