Food Fantasia

There are always going to be fantasy that we all have that none of us really want to give up on. One of them for me has to be one of those freaky ones where there is food all around me in a kind of cornucopia scenario. I like the idea of never being hungry, and definitely living in North America makes that not only a huge possibility, but a promise. Anyway, the weighted fantasy works is that I am completely surrounded by all kinds of food: shrimp, strawberries, chocolate, turkeys – and from there all of the people at this banquet begin to shower me with more food to the point that I am covered in it. This is not a messy dream, however, in a sense that everything is absolutely intact and it just comes together as a gigantic potpourri of beautiful food.

I know that this kind of fantasy is something that would have people questioning if I am sane or if I am just German by nature. Obviously, I would say no to the latter, but it is hard to say anything about the former. I can say that my cornucopia doesn’t look like this:

Nope. Mine looks like a scenario where there is a lot more me and a lot more chicken and a lot more really classy foods like caviar and other stuff. Does my dream have some kind of allusion to my dark Catholic fantasies? I am not entirely sure about this. I have never seen a therapist because I do not believe in therapy in general. I figure that if you can talk your friends, you are probably going to be fine. There is really no need to spend hundreds of dollars talking to somebody who is just writing fake stuff on a fake pad.

( I actually wonder if there is still actually use the old yellow pads in order to take notes. I also wonder if this is something that is necessary if you are going to be a psychiatrist in general. I guess I’ll have to check their association for the truth.)

I he gained independence because I am thinking about that dream right now and how exciting it is to have food showered all over me. I don’t know if this is a fetish, but the likelihood of that is probably pretty limited. I grew up pretty well and I think that my parents treated me very well considering how much of a brat I was at times.

Anyway, that’s my story about food and I am sticking to it for the rest of my life.

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