Rose And Ginger

Not a lot of people really talk about what their favorite spices are. I have to say that probably ginger is my favorite in general. It is one of those spices that I feel like you can always rely on and as long as you don’t go too crazy with it, you can really make some fantastic food. Not only is it good with baking, is good with regular cooking which of course is where I’m at.

One other things that is so weird about Ginger is that it looks very strange. Just take a look at this picture and tell me that if you saw one of these coming at you in an alley, you would probably run really fast. I know that I would, and I’m not even really a very spicy phobic person.











Anyway I absolutely love that taken almost everything that I need. I am not even the kind of person that would restrict my ginger usage to Asian food only: in fact, I use it a lot in baking and like I say pretty much every dish that can take it, I will put it in. This is by far one of the best spices ever created, and I can tell you that I of course thank my mother for leaving it so much when I was growing up.


one of the things that I think most women don’t really realize is such a great thing for not only their health, but their mental well-being is tea. there is something about tea that is fascinating because it has origins that go way back. When you think about how many people have lived and died for tea, you have to be surprised because now we just drink it as if it was a regular beverage. In fact, in North America I don’t think that we drink very much of it at all compared to coffee, which of course I love.

But if there is a favorite tea that I have of all time that has a very distinctive flavor and is so different than almost every other kind of tea I’ve ever tried, it has to be Rose Tea. You have really never tried anything until you have had the opportunity to get a glass of rose tea. I am not talking about red Rose brand tea, but actual key that is made out of roses. There is truly nothing that beats that.

if you are looking for this kind of tea, you’re going to have to go to Asian grocery stores or other specialized tea retailers, because it is not very readily available almost anywhere that I know. But here is what it tends to look like, as you can see it is really beautiful and dried out and one of the loveliest things you can ever drink.















I maybe taking a few days off from blogging because I have to lend my computer to my brother. He isn’t doing a lot of business lately, and fortunately has had to order Mac hard drive recovery for his latest mishap. Let’s just say that he slipped and fell and his laptop ended up wrecking itself. I am not going to laugh, because he’s always been a clumsy guy, but I still do feel pretty bad for him.

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