Disco Nails

I totally see what nails are so popular because they are so beautiful. There is so much color coming from the things that it is so amazing. The other night I was sitting around at my local nail salon and I realized that it would be an awesome thing for me to have amazing deals like I have been seeing a lot in Japanese fashion magazines lately. Funny thing about the Japanese, is that they seem to always be ahead of the game as opposed to Europeans and Americans, who always are very conservative when it comes to things like nails.

But Disco Nails Are Hott!

It doesn’t really take a genius to realize just how critical disco nails are to this year’s fashion season. I am talking about things like bright colors contrasted with exciting new looks. I think what is so amazing about the e-mail as well is that they are easy to do at home. All you really need is a good manicure kit and you should probably be good to go. All of his stuff is very available at drugstores and usually doesn’t cost very much money when you compare to regular nail polish.

I just wanted to use this blog to show a bunch of pictures of recent examples of disco nails that I have seen. I know that there are a lot of people that are trying to jump onto this trend, but I like to think that I’m at the forefront of this. I can’t recall a nail fashion that exists on this and I have been watching the art of nail care for a long time. I certainly understand that there are always going to be people who have problems; things like car breakdowns, hard drive failure, and total fashion malfunctions, but disco nails are going to make anything and everything better. Just take a look at some of the designs that I have found on the web.




































My obvious favorite is the one in the middle, but I like the fact that you can do almost anything with disco nails and not really have to think about it at all. Is a completely unpretentious form of nail care, and probably one of the best things that could happen to us recently. There are always going to be the haters out there, ( I’m talking to you Vogue) but everyone knows that people who hate things that are new are destined to die inevitably.

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