RAID 5 Recovery: Acts of God

raid5reYou know those so-called supernatural events called “Acts of God?” The ones your insurance policy has no idea how to cover, let alone explain. One day you wake up, you realize that 2 of your disks suddenly quit your RAID array, making it utterly useless. Yep, that would be considered an “act of God” if you believe in that sort of thing. You freak out, you freeze up, and your face turns to ash as you realize you have not backed up your data for some time. When was the last time? You aren’t even sure. What do you do?

The very first thing you should do is TURN IT OFF. Why? Because running it can cause further damage. I know it is a complete temptation to try and fix it yourself, let alone try to figure out what went wrong. Leave that to a qualified professional.

Let’s talk about the things that could have gone wrong. The number one reason that RAID arrays fail is due to human error. Can you believe that? No matter how impressive and well designed the system is. Mistakes are easy to make, the more complicated your system is, the more room there is to make a mistake.

Now, what is a RAID Level 5?

It is a Block Interleaved Distributed Parity: Provides data striping at the byte level and also stripe error correction information. This results in excellent performance and good fault tolerance. Level 5 is one of the most popular implementations of RAID. What does this mean? RAID 5 stripes both data are parity data and information across 3 or more drives. Does this mean you cannot encounter a problem? No, it doesn’t happen often. BUT IT CAN HAPPEN.

So what now? Unless you are a very qualified and trained professional with service level standards of clean rooms, it’s probably a good idea to call someone who meets that criteria.

One of those companies is RAID Recovery Services. Their storage engineers have extensive experience with RAID 5 data recovery. They have developed some of the cutting age custom tools and techniques to successfully recover a RAID 5 array. I love that they have over 30 years’ experience, with a proven track record of results. They are in constant development of their software and hardware that guarantees you will have the latest and greatest techniques and technology to recover your RAID 5 array.

Your time and security are of their utmost importance. Who better to entrust your hardware to then the industry leader with the most years’ experience? 30 years in a very long time to be in the computer business if you ask me. They can recover your data almost over 97% of the time. I hope you are not in the 3%. I can’t even imagine the act of God that wiped it out. Regardless, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It can happen to you.

They have performed thousands of recoveries in the last 30 years. They go out of their way to provide the very best clean room environments, going above the industry standards to repair AND recover your RAID 5.

When looking for someone to recover your equipment, don’t even speak, let alone breathe in the direction of a company that will not evaluate your problem for free, along with a comprehensive solution package and price to fix it. You want a company that is working with the state of the art equipment and software. And the bottom line is, your data is paramount and in some cases might be proprietary, in the event you are a spy or working as a photographer for Vogue. It is important that your data is private and secure. You want a company that follows strict practices to protect your data.

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