Why Replace if You Can Fix Your Hard Drive?

Before you replace, you should always try for a professional hard drive repair. The majority of hard disks actually have some extra sectors they keep back for exactly this purpose. It’s not hard to repair and fix hard drive from within your windows personal computer. You should find out if there is a problem with the hard disk in the form of bad sectors (disk errors) or file system corruption. Examine or export this data to make an evaluation about the state of your hard drive. You can try the chkdsk utility and the Computer Management MMC console to examine it for you. On Windows XP, you should start with a “chkdsk/R”. (/R: “. It can help you locate bad sectors and recuperate readable information””). Incite a Command Prompt to run that control. By going to Start, Programs, Accessories, and then clicking on Command Prompt, You can have access to Command Prompt. There are some whom can scan disk has an option to do a plan scan and fix hard drive as well. Another highly regarded option is a product called “SpinRite” which may also do the deed like chkdsk. You may be fortunate and be able to save a few cash. If these both options failed, well, these days, new hard drives are not that expensive.

The dead hard drive cannot be read and recognized by any computer. It is just making the dead clicking sound, unlike a fixed hard drive, which sounds fine. To fix your hard drive, have the Doner PCB which is identical with the WD hard drive. Try to swap the PCB (printed circuit board). Take off the PCB from the hard drive. Put the Donor PCB on the same hard drive. Connect the hard drive to the computer through the USB adapter and power it up. You will be surprised that you have a fixed hard drive, and your data is back (details here). It is recommended that the hard drive must be set as a master mode to connect the USB adapter. For this case swapping the PCB will fix hard drive WD. However, this does not always happen. Dead clicking sounds can be made by damage heads or damage disk. The damage of the PCB is only one of the possible reasons. If the dead clicking sound is made by damage disk head or damage disk, swapping the PCB would not help. Sometimes damaged PCB can feature a burn mark or bad smell. However, there would be times that there is no obvious visual damage on the PCB but the PCB is totally damaged.

The computer hard drive is one of the important parts in any system, whether it’s a Mac or laptop. This complicated device allows us to store large files to our computers. However, most of us do not care about protecting our hard drives and prevent the need for hard drive failure recovery. Take into consideration that we use computers for a specific purpose. For a young child, computers are necessary for him or her to learn or to play games. For students, computers are used for educational purposes. For professionals, computers are their partners in business. These are some of the practical benefits, which computers have brought to humanity.

Protecting Your Hard Drive

However, there is a need to protect hard drives to avoid hard drive failure symptoms, which lead to hard drive errors. One way to protect your computer’s hard drive is to install an antivirus tool in your computer. An anti-virus tool is an effective protection tool which guards your computer against viruses. Another thing to do is to update boot files found in your hard drive. Usually, hard drive failure symptoms occur when you accidentally delete some boot files in the hard drive. If you do so, reinstall the boot files immediately. Lastly, there is no other best way to protect your computers than to practice delicate handling. Do not use your computers too much and you will avoid mechanical problems. These mechanical problems can hurt your hard drive’s integrity, big time.

Causes of Hard Disk Drive Failure and Broad Symptoms

Ever since the invention of computers, hard drive failure symptoms have remained a topic of mystery among many end users. Owing to this revelation, specialists have found it necessary to embark on thorough study of HDDs in order to enlighten users of measures to take in the event of a sudden crash. This has influenced a broad classification of reasons showcasing why hard disk drives fail constantly.

Logical failures form a solid platform under which hard disk drives fail. This type of failure is witnessed when the firmware develops a problem. Logical failures are the easiest and cheapest to fix. However, the fact that this failure is uncommon makes it unsuitable to determine hard drive failure symptoms in order to embark on troubleshooting operations. Media failures occur when the surface of the hard disk is handled roughly. This can be in the form of platter scratching or even errors in the read write head. Head failures might be considered suitable hard drive failure symptoms since they are common and their effects are more notable as compared to the two above. With drive head failures, the read/write is crashed into the surface of the platter leading to nasty behavior such as the wrong clearances. Mechanical failures form the fundamental base of hard drive malfunctions.

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