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Oh trends. You have to love them. I know that I do. And that is why I write about fashion as much as I can. I can pay attention to a lot of the fashion magazine but I feel like there’s a lot missing and frankly there is so much on the blogosphere right now that it’s actually a really exciting time.

The Future Of Fashion

I feel like the future for fashion look very good, particularly because we are in a rather tough time economically. The funny thing about that is when you look back at some of the harder economic times in our history, the best fashion trends and to come out of them. I think it is because we have to ignore what is going on in our lives and spice things that a little bit. Without recessions, there never would have been disco or bellbottoms or big hair or other things that made the 1970s and 1980s so amazing. Check that, what makes them still amazing.

It is hard to say where this blog going to go, but I can tell you that it probably will go pretty far along the rounds of fashion. I am not a couture fan per se, but I am somebody who appreciates high-end design. So I will probably not talk a lot about that stuff, but I will talk about things that the average woman can do to make yourself look absolutely beautiful. I am not trying to be Cosmopolitan, but I can certainly fake it.

We all can. And I think that is the main point. It’s funny how style punctuates the way we are in general so much. Without style we are just gray robots walking the street with very little individuality or even life to us. I am 100% certain that without fashion we would probably all die.

On a happier note, if you feel like writing to me, then do so at what at this website. I think if you’re not a spam robot you probably understand what I’m talking about. It’s an e-mail!

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