Prepping Your Business For Disaster

pybfdCatastrophe is lurking around the corner. If you haven’t prepared a plan to deal with life’s mishaps, you’re doing more than just flirting with disaster–you’re looking to build a lasting relationship. In the past few years the United States has suffered an incredible string of misfortunes. Hurricanes Fran, Andrew, Hugo, Bertha, Iniki, and Opal. The Northridge and Loma Prieta earthquakes. Flooding in the Midwest in 1993 and this past winter in the Pacific Northwest. Riots in Los Angeles. Paralyzing blizzards in the Northeast. This has made national data recovery services very critical. It’s made the SBA even MORE critical.

“We’ve had our hands full,” says Bernard Kulik, associate administrator for disaster assistance with the SBA, which handles disaster-relief loans and other aid after a tragedy occurs. “The past five years have been without precedent.”

Home-based and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to disaster, whether it’s a building fire or a region-wide catastrophe. Although a large corporation may have trained teams that are prepared to get the company …