Don’t Be Careless With Your Email

dbcwyeWE’VE BECOME USED TO SENDING E-MAIL MESSAGES, connecting to the Internet, and logging on to our office computers from the road. It’s such a regular part of our day that we don’t worry about whether we’re vulnerable to the same cyberpunks who hack into corporate computers or steal credit card information. Could it happen to you? Perhaps.

It turns out that just about everyone who exchanges files faces a growing security problem, especially if you answer yes to any of the following statements.

* You handle sensitive client data on your PC.

* Your business maintains data on a PC that competitors would like to know about.

* You offer clients or coworkers remote access to your home system.

* You send a credit card number over e-mail to make a purchase.

* You access the Internet or a client’s intranet.

* You regularly use e-mail.

Don’t be too alarmed by the last two items. The kind of Internet connectivity you make and the material contained in …